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Music has always been my passion. At age 15, I wrote my first song - " I'm not waiting for you " , and 10 years later it did the same arrangement and took his first music video for the rock band THESMILE. The clip was in rotation on TV , and put a song in their esters many Ukrainian and Russian radio stations , including Radio Rocks , Hit , Gala, Melody . Later there were many other , more successful songs , but it was our first track, how it was created , the first independent in life shooting the video - it's unforgettable .

Since then, it did not take much time, but we managed to build a recording studio , to understand the technology and successfully start providing services in writing soundtracks , design television shows , writing tracks "turnkey" for contemporary artists scene

In pursuit of the best sound I was a bumpy ride. Cubase, Nuendo, ProTools - all studied and widely applied in the work . But there is no doubt that working with sound taught me the best of the best producers of domestic show business . It Sergey Grachev Yuri Lych , Vladimir and Vitali Telezin Grigorovich .

In a demonstration video collection of the best samples of commercial audio works. Listen to each job individually , please visit Works - Audio