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It's time to express gratitude to all those people with whom I work at the video WINNER 20. All the production took four months of life, three terabytes of disk space, 50 blocks of cigarettes smoked on the nerves and 2 packs of vodka, drunk while celebrating.

Guys, it was a wonderful project. Indeed. That is case when you can frankly say that we have succeeded!

Thanks to everyone! Especially to those in titles.

The video WINNER 20 was produced on the request of Winner Imports Ukraine and World TV.

Director - Alexander Makarov

Scriptwriters - Irina Tverdovskaya, Tatiana Ozhelevskaya , Alex Makarov


Director of Photography - Oleg Avilov.


Line producer and project coordinator - Tatiana Ozhelevskaya

Management on the part of Winner Imports Ukraine - Vladimir Petruk

Film editng - Alexander Makarov, Igor Bazilevich, Michael Kahn, Ivan Refutov

Artists - Alexander Makarov, Sergei Vasilyev , Alexei Alexandrovich , Eugene Kalinichenko, Ruslan Karetkin

General producer - Irina Tverdovskaya

© Winner Imports Ukraine, 2012


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