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War of the Worlds.Revisor vs. Chef

Впервые Новый канал страны обращается за услугами студии Александра Макарова. начинается совместный шоу - проект «Война миров»

On request of Novy channel

After famous Ukrainian “Revizor” (restaurant and hotel critic) Olga Freimut had visited restaurants and pointed out their flaws, a lot of them improved their service. Now Revizor together with the senior Chef of the country are looking for projective would-be restaurant-keeper who will be granted the 500 000 UAH bill. The money is to be spent for the setting up of the restaurant. Lots of startupers dream of such opportunity, but only one will be lucky.

Director / producer of promotional campaign – Alex Makarov

Starring –  Olga Freimut and Aram Mnatsakanov

First cameraman – Dima Pisanniy

Second cameraman – Roman Ivasyk

Project supervisor – Eugeniy Zozulya           

Line producer – Andrey Eremin

Project manager on the part of Novy channel – Olga Balaban

General project producer – Vitaliy Dokalenko

Concept of promotional campaign – Alexander Makarov and Vitaliy Dokalenko

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