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THE CUBE show  on STB channel is a Ukrainian version of the popular British project «The Cube».  The participants have  serious goals. Lots of them want to win money to buy a home, pay for children's education or medical treatment.

According to the rules of the show, the participants perform various tasks in a glass cube measuring 4x4x4 meters, located in the center of the studio before an audience. The player receives a certain prize for each successfully accomplished task, and the jackpot of the game is 500 000 UAH .

In order to perform these tasks (physical, mental and psychological ) each participant is given nine lives. After each successfully passed competition the player may pick up their prizes amassed at that moment and leave the show .

In autumn 2013 the charismatic front man Maxim Chmerkovsky was replaced by cheerful and eccentric Dmitry Tankovic .

Such celebrity guests as Vlad Yama, Irina Dubtsova, Igor Kondratuk, Aleksander Krivoshapko, Andrey Iskornev, Snezana Egorova, Igor Obukhov also participated in “KUB”. Many of them planned to spend the won money on charity .

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