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Благодарим за участие и содействие в проведении съемок Национальную Гвардию Украины

No one planned to be here, no one is born a soldier. This war has had stolen part of each of us ...

August 29, 2014 and unprincipled cunning enemy become unconditional. And the heroism of our soldiers who defended the cost of their lives every centimeter of his native land, has caused admiration and respect in Ukraine and abroad. Exit Ilovayskoho environment - black date in the history of Ukrainian statehood. Boiler, hellish trap buried hundreds of Ukrainian military.

Honor them were not empty words but a way of life. Love to Ukraine - life itself. Homeland Security - a moral obligation.

Do not stand aside gaining true independence of Ukraine and you! Join the ranks of the Regiment "Dnepr-1"!

On the day when Ukraine remembers its heroes who died during Ilovaisk, to present our new adverts. Thank you for a job talented director Alexander Makarov.


Film Director - Alex Makarov

DP - Oleksiy Khoroshko

Style - Drozdova

Producer - Yana Dremanovich

Voice - Alexander Vilkov


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