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Big Dances

In the autumn of 2012 we got acquainted with Production Studio Friends TV of famous producer Alex Goncharenko and since then we have close cooperation. By the beginning of 2013 we had already done several co-operative projects, having proved that we can and want to work together. Now we can proudly announce the accomplishment of our huge project made on the request of INTER channel – the show "Velykі Tantsi" (“big dances”). It was a colossal project

Unpleasant surprises and force majeures occurred in the course of the work, but as the experience confirms, such things always take place when it comes to such large-scale projects. Fancy that we had absolutely no graphics in less than a week before the first live broadcast, moreover, the management of the channel decides to change the name of the show to the present one. That meant changes in logo, animation, printing and other things. But as time showed, this cardinal solution was at the same time absolutely right. No matter that we had nerves on the stretch and had to work excessively, we are proud now of the success of our project.

I would like to express my gratitude and good luck wishes good luck to our "favourites" – all-liked project participants of “Velykі Tantsi”. “Our plumpy guys” as we called them before are no longer so. So, they are Olya Rudyak, Dmitry Pavlenko, Eugene Lavrinov and the winner of the show - Dmitry Adaryukov.

Many thanks to our choreographers Dmitry Dikusar and Alena Shoptenko, special thanks to Julia Okropiridze.


I express my gratitude for the work of great people and true professionals, without which the project would have been impossible. They are: the supervisor of promotional filming Alexey, cameraman of promo video – Dmitry, producer and scriptwriter - Sergey Bashilov, project manager - Julian Raytsyna.


Thank you all and see you soon!

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