STB - Ukrainian national television channel, first broadcast June 2, 1997. Today in the coverage area of the signal STB is 98% of the territory of Ukraine.

In 2013, the STB, with a share of 11.7%, was the first country on the button commercially attractive audience.

As in the past 10 years, STB increased its performance for the year, growth in 2013 was 9%.

Most of all scored in the popularity of projects of its own production of STB. "Vіkna-News" and "Zvazhenі schaslivі that" increased by 19%, "MasterShef" - by 24% (reaching in 2013 the share of 20.8), the fall season "All good Buda" was more successful than last year's 42%, "The Bachelor "- 62%, and social projects" Kohana of vbivaєmo dіtey "and" Hut on Tata "showed a record growth of 74% compared with 2012. Also proved to be successful for the channel start cooking project "All Bodo relish."