Today ICTV owns one of the largest private networks broadcasting in Ukraine. The volume of broadcasting - 24 hours a day. Watch programs can ICTV 95.5% of the population of Ukraine, which is almost 41 million people. Most coverage of potential audience in Kiev, the western, central and northern regions.

ICTV core audience of viewers are 18 to 60 years, the core audience - active business, motivated people aged 25-55 years.

ICTV priority for many years has been broadcasting information block. The channel information out of the "facts", "Facts. Sport "and the final journalistic project" Facts week with Oksana Sokolova. "

In 2015, the air ICTV out infotainment program "Morning in the City." Every morning, leading the project say all the hottest news. They learn first audience with what wakes country and important happened last night.

The "Freedom of Speech" was the first major social and political project on domestic television and later became a major platform for debate country.

The channel has formed a special series of analytical journalism projects during the week acquaint viewers with different aspects of social life. Mondays journalists of the "received!" Offer viewers a series of critical reports and revealing investigative journalism. On Tuesday, the analytical project "Grazhdanskaya Oborona" experts sabotage operations expose the Russian special services and talk about all aspects of the war in the east. On Thursday, the project "insider" of the most reliable sources viewers learn about the previously hidden facts of political life.