Channel "1 + 1" was founded in August 1995.

"1 + 1" - popularly Ukrainian-language TV channel, one of the leaders of the domestic TV production and nayulyublenishyh telekanaliv Ukrainian spectators.

Channel "1 + 1" aired in September 1995. Since 1997, the "1 + 1" broadcasts at the Second National Channel of Ukrainian television under license from the National Council of Ukraine on Television and Radio. On July 30, 2004 received the right channel to increase broadcasting 24 hours a day, which opened for the team "1 + 1" new creative possibilities and made it possible to make a coherent and logically complete broadcasting network. In 2008, the 100% owner of TV has become an international media corporation Central European Media Enterprises Ltd. In 2010, the SME has sold 100% of its Ukrainian assets Harley Trading Limited, owned by Ukrainian businessman Igor Kolomoisky.

Technical cover Ukraine - 95%.