Режиссер - Александр Макаров

Оператор - Алексей Хорошко

Продюсер - Сергей Перцев, Игорь Шама

Графика и спецэффекты - Студия А7 и Александр Макаров


По заказу телеканала М1 в 2017 году




No one planned to be here, no one is born a soldier. This war has had stolen part of each of us ...

August 29, 2014 and unprincipled cunning enemy become unconditional. And the heroism of our soldiers who defended the cost of their lives every centimeter of his native land, has caused admiration and respect in Ukraine and abroad.

War of the Worlds.Revisor vs. Chef

First New Channel of the country to seek the services of studio Aleksandr Makarov. begins a joint show - project "War of the Worlds"


My name is Alexander Makarov - I'm a film director and co-owner MAKAROV STUDIOS.

Am pleased to welcome you to our website. Let me tell you about my studio, and why you should apply to us.

We offer a cinema / movie to the camera at any level, from Canon 6D and finishing with RED Epic and PHANTOM Flex;

We produce special effects and video graphics at the highest level;


Directing and editing of our projects realize I personally;

Our specialization - a promotional campaign for TV (STB, Inter, 1 + 1 New Channel, etc.), Video presentations to large companies (Astellas, Synevo, Isida, Mistral, League Nova, etc.), Corporate films (Winner, ICS Germany, etc.), conferences, interviews, reports in hot spots, shooting master classes, private exclusive video.